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Development-oriented care

Children go through different developmental stages in the first four years of their lives, so they will be going through many different stages while they are at Kikker Rik. At Kikker Rik, we believe a child's development is very important. We therefore focus on encouraging the development of all the children at our centre. Offering development-oriented activities is a set part of our daily routine.

Pre-school education

We use the pre-school pyramid method to stimulate the development of your child's skills. This method provides us with guidelines on how to stimulate the development of your child in different areas. The babies are challenged on different levels, both with toys and through interaction with our staff. They will have short conversations with the children and will play development-oriented games. The children will produce little art works, are encouraged to move and will be read to in an interactive manner.


Kikker Rik offers a whole range of activities, and during free play time there is plenty fun to be had. This means children will learn in a fun and playful manner, which will in turn encourage their development. It is possible to have lots of fun on your own, but your child will also have plenty of opportunities play with other children. And don't forget our staff either. They work at a childcare centre because they love being around children. They are dedicated to helping them have a wonderful time.

Our play environment

The children will be staying in a building with beautiful rooms, which have been decorated for each age group. The rooms have been especially designed to encourage sensory development. Kikker Rik has an elevator, which means that parents can easily get to the next floor with a stroller. All the groups have their own bedroom, diaper changing room and sanitary facilities. The children can also access a garden play area, which has a separate section for the smallest children.
If the weather is bad, the children can play in a special movement room. Kikker Rik has its own professional kitchen where we bake and cook together with the children. Kikker Rik childcare centre has got a beautiful building. It’s a place where a permanent team of childcare professionals provides care to children in an informal and home-like environment.

Going out

In addition to the activities offered in our building, our staff members also take the children on outings. We sometimes take them to get groceries. We also go out and play games on the heath or in the adjacent forest. We familiarise the children with the world outside our child care centre.