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About us

The ambitions of Kikker Rik

To see children grow from a newborn to a confident child. At Kikker Rik, we guide ‘our’ children on a day-to-day basis. We would like to provide them with the very best. We help them grow and develop. That’s where our strength lies, and that’s our ambition.

Professional care

When you guide children during the first essential years of their lives, you do that from a conviction. The conviction that children lay an important basis during these years. The conviction that you would like to play a part in this development. And the conviction that you can provide a positive contribution to their development.

At Kikker Rik, we all share these convictions. As professional caretakers, we provide a safe and trusted environment together with the other people in your child’s life (such as parents and grandparents). A safe, challenging and loving environment. An environment where trust and fun ensure the optimal development of your child.

Based in child education science

Our staff members are important to you and your child. They guide them on a day-to-day basis. A continuous focus on the educational quality of our centre is central to everything we do. They are guided by our child education scientist, and they are trained continuously. At our centres, we use the pre-school education method (VE).

Wonderland group

over onsRichard Waterman, bestuurder - Paula Bernsen, directeur Wonderland groepKikker Rik is part of the Wonderland Group. This is a group that manages several childcare organisations: Wonderland KinderopvangPetitPetit Kinderopvang, Kinderopvang Kikker Rik, PinkeltjeslandKinderopvang Baarn and ZorgBSO de Vrije Vogel. We have 28 locations all over the Netherlands, and have more than 360 people on staff.

The Wonderland Group offers professional childcare at various locations, this includes both day care (0-4 years) and after school care (4-12 years). Every organisation (or label) has its own identity, profile and look and feel. We believe in local entrepreneurship and decentralised responsibilities for our locations.


Kaart Wonderland Groep