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Kikker Rik has developed different policies to ensure the quality of our care. Confidence in our policies is important for children, parents and caregivers at Kikker Rik. High quality policy is policy that develops and changes over time. Kikker Rik regularly revises and amends its policies based on new developments.

The GGD (Municipal Health Services in English) regularly inspect whether Kikker Rik complies with its own policies. You can find the inspection reports for our after school care centre here: Inspectierapporten Buitenschoolse Kikker Rik. Additionally, Kikker Rik conducts annual inspections at each location as well.

The policy documents listed below describe the educational policies of Kikker Rik. They also contain an overview of the times at which you can bring or pick up your child.

Our privacy policy with regards to the children is also included. This document contains regulations about taking photos of your children and making those photos public.

You can also download our regulations regarding hygiene and our exchange service.

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