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New baby on the way?

Are you pregnant, or have you just given birth? Congratulations!

Your pregnancy and the first period with your baby are wonderful times during which you will have lots of new experiences. It is also a time during which you will have to take a lot of decisions.

One of these decisions is how you will be combining the care for your baby with a career and other activities. Who will be taking care of your child when you are not taking care of it, and how will you arrange the care for your baby?

You can go to a childcare centre or arrange for a sitter

What are the advantages of professional child care?
  • Our staff members are qualified professionals; they are enthusiastic childcare experts who each love their job. Because being a child care professional is a wonderful occupation.
  • Our staff members are trained and retrained, and work from an educational vision. They also have first aid training.
  • We provide a permanent team of familiar faces, even when we need replacements due to sickness or vacations.
  • We will consult you on how to handle your child. We are transparent and safe. We have an open culture, and our staff members are very alert. All of our staff members need to provide a certificate of good conduct when they start working for us, and are subsequently subject to continuous screenings.
  • We are open every day and offer a care guarantee.
  • Your child will start to discover the world. We offer a place that challenges them to discover and develop. The development of your child will be stimulated, making them more independent every day.
  • Your child will learn how to play with other children guided by professionals.
At Kikker Rik, we will provide care for your baby in a safe and familiar environment. We will take the time to discuss your wishes and expectations, and to get to know your baby. We will also take the time to let your baby to get used to us.

And now? Come visit Kikker Rik!

We would love to discuss your childcare wishes and needs. Feel free to call us and make an appointment to visit our centre. We would love to give you a tour and answer all your questions. We would like to invite you to come and experience Kikker Rik and all of the things we have to offer.