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Kinderdagverblijf Kikker Rik
Banckertlaan 132b
1215 RH Hilversum
T. 035 6281410

Esther Ravenhorst


7:30 - 18:30 uur
Halve dag opvang
7:30 - 13:15 of 12.45-18.30

LRK nummer: 114690777

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Location Kikker Rik Childcare

At Kikker Rik, children stay in groups of children of the same age. We offer separate baby-, infant- and toddler groups. This allows us to guide children at their own level of development. At the baby group, we pay full attention to care for the youngest children. They stay in a quiet room and can follow their own sleep- and feed schedule.

Enterprising infants have all the space they need to develop. We use the pre-school pyramid method to stimulate the development of your child's skills. This method provides us with guidelines on how to stimulate the development of your child in different areas.

The babies are challenged on different levels, both with toys and through interaction with our staff. They will have short conversations with the children and will play development-oriented games. The children will produce little art works, are encouraged to move and will be read to in an interactive manner.

We also have different outdoor spaces that have been especially designed with children of various ages in mind.

  esther locatiehoofd

Esther is Location Manager at Kikker Rik childcare. She leads a team of enthusiastic and active staff members.



The children that use Kikker Rik Super Flexibel! are part of the Flex Group. This is a special group for flexible care. It is a vertical group where children of 0-4 years are cared for jointly. We have 14 places in this group, five of which are allotted to children below the age of one. At the Flex Group, the children are cared for by a fixed team of staff members. This will allow your child to experience a safe, trusted and challenging environment.


The children and parents enjoy the following features on a daily basis:

  • Small scale care, that provides children with a familiar feeling
  • Development-oriented activities, with which we guide the development of your child
  • Fun spaces, that invite children to play
  • Challenging outdoor play areas, for lots of outdoor fun
  • A flexible trade service at our centre, giving you flexibility
  • Our childcare centre offers flexible care, known as Kikker Rik Super Flexible!!, that allows you to bring your child to our centre on different days (Monday – Friday). You can plan childcare hours up to 24 hours in advance
  • All-inclusive care. Is your child coming to our centre? Then you can make use of our ‘care free design’. We provide a hot meal in the afternoon and your child will eat fresh fruit every day. This means that they will have had all the nutrients they need when they’ve left the building. For our smallest children, we have Nutrilon 1 and 2. We also provide diapers, sunscreen and sleeping bags. All of this is included in our rate
  • A parent app with daily updates and photos




Onze kinderen zwaaien ons lachend uit als we ze naar Kikker Rik brengen en we halen ze lachend op. De begeleiding is nuchter en behandelt onze kinderen zoals wij dat zelf ook doen. Ze denken mee als dat nodig is en zijn zeer flexibel met ad hoc verzoeken. De kinderen hebben binnen alle ruimte om te spelen en ook buiten is het voor hen een feest. Het is er altijd schoon en mooi ruim vormgegeven. Wij zijn fan!

Ouder kinderdagverblijf

Kikker Rik is een super fijne opvang met de liefste en leukste juffen die je je maar kunt wensen voor je kinderen. Onze dochter gaat met veel plezier naar Kikker Rik en geniet van alles dat Kikker Rik haar biedt.

Moeder 3 jarige dochter