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Childcare packages

At Kikker Rik, you can decide how many child care hours you would like to purchase. You can select a package that best fits your needs and wishes.
We offer packages of 52 and 48 weeks of childcare per year.

Kikker Rik 52 week package

If you select this package, you will be able to use our childcare services 52 weeks per year.

Kikker Rik 48 week package

If you select this package, you will be able to use our childcare services 48 weeks per year. You will not be able to use our services during several weeks in summer and during the week of Christmas & New Year's Day. Kikker Rik will select six weeks in summer during which you can select three consecutive weeks when you will not be using our services.

Half a day

Do you only need childcare for half a day? This is also possible at Kikker Rik, both with a 52 and with a 48 week package. You can sign a contract for the morning or the afternoon. Opening hours for our half a day of childcare package are 7:30 AM-1:15PM in the morning, and 12:45-18:30 in the afternoon.

Every other week

Do you need more childcare hours one week and less during the next? At Kikker Rik, you can select an 'Every other week' package. Your child will attend our childcare centre every other week. It is also possible to exchange days on an incidental basis, provided that you have arranged this with our staff beforehand.

Kikker Rik Flexibel

Kikker Rik biedt flexibele opvang aan. Het voordeel van flexibele opvang is dat je de opvang precies af kunt stemmen op jouw opvang behoeften. De flexibele opvang wordt 5 dagen per week aangeboden, vanaf drie opvanguren per dag. Lees verder

Daarnaast is het mogelijk om in overleg met onze medewerkers incidenteel opvangdagen in te halen, te ruilen, of extra af te nemen.

The rates for our childcare packages