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Vanaf nu heeft Kikker Rik een nieuwe naam: Wonderland Kinderopvang. Klik hier om onze nieuwe website te bezoeken!




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A list of our features

Kikker Rik child care is located in the building in Hilversum Zuid. We would like to invite you to take a tour so you can experience our facilities yourself.

Small scale care

Kikker Rik is a small child care centre with an informal, home-like atmosphere. Everyone knows each other. Our permanent team of professional staff ensures a familiar and inviting environment.

Warm, inviting spaces

The decorations at Kikker Rik are something that you will notice right away. The soft colours match, and all the spaces in the building have been decorated with animal murals. This puts children at ease and it invites play.

Development-oriented care

Kikker Rik tracks and stimulates the development of each child. We pay a lot of attention to the different developmental stages of your child. Offering development-oriented activities is a set part of our daily routine. Read more

Exchange service

At Kikker Rik, we offer a convenient exchange service. If, for some reason, your child does not come to our childcare centre on his/her regular day, you can make this day up at a later point in time. You can learn more about the conditions of our exchange service at our location. This exchange service gives you a certain degree of flexibility.

Close contact between parents and staff

Close contact between the parents and the staff is important for the well-being and the development of children. We therefore attach great importance to meetings between the parents and our staff. Most of these meetings take place when you drop off or pick up your child. We take the time to ensure a smooth transfer. Two months after a child has started attending our childcare centre, the parents and the staff member in charge of the group will jointly evaluate the first period at the centre. After that, we have parent/staff meetings every six months. These meetings allow parents and staff to exchange information.

Age-based childcare groups

At Kikker Rik, we work with an age-based group structure. This means that children will be in a group with other children their age. We have a baby group, an infant group, a toddler group, and a toddler plus group. Read more

A carefree design

We believe it is our duty to support you in combining the care for your children with other responsibilities. This is reflected in the range of our services. A carefree design also means that we will tend to everything your child needs. Our services are all-inclusive. You do not need to provide anything on a Kikker Rik day; we will take care of everything for you.

Outdoor activities

Children love to play outside, and they learn many different things while they are outdoors. This is why you can often find us outside with the children. We have a garden play area for children of all ages. Kikker Rik is also located within walking distance of the Hilversum heath. We often take the children there.

Onze kinderen zwaaien ons lachend uit als we ze naar Kikker Rik brengen en we halen ze lachend op. De begeleiding is nuchter en behandelt onze kinderen zoals wij dat zelf ook doen. Ze denken mee als dat nodig is en zijn zeer flexibel met ad hoc verzoeken. De kinderen hebben binnen alle ruimte om te spelen en ook buiten is het voor hen een feest. Het is er altijd schoon en mooi ruim vormgegeven. Wij zijn fan!

Ouder kinderdagverblijf

Kikker Rik is een super fijne opvang met de liefste en leukste juffen die je je maar kunt wensen voor je kinderen. Onze dochter gaat met veel plezier naar Kikker Rik en geniet van alles dat Kikker Rik haar biedt.

Moeder 3 jarige dochter